In many cases, technology has enhanced the driving experience. But with technology comes distractions – during the commute, that much-needed road trip, or when you’re just enjoying the open road. Engineered, built, and tested for the most rugged environments, RAM® Mounts feature a rubber ball design with shock and vibration damping. No matter where you want to place your device, we have a mount to get the job done and last for years. Explore the full line of RAM® mounting solutions for your vehicle, bike, motorcycle, or RV below.


Drive handsfree with the most rugged mounts on the market. From universal mounts to device specific holders, RAM® Mounts covers everything you need to outfit your vehicle with phone mounts, tablet mounts, GPS mounts, Laptop mounts, and just about any other device you would need. RAM® Mounts are scalable products designed to meet the demands of individuals and enterprises alike. That’s why we offer a range of vehicle specific mounts, universal tablet holders and phone holders for cars and trucks. Explore the best phone mounts, tablet mounts, laptop mounts and more below.
RAM® Mounts is the go-to brand for the best rugged motorcycle phone mounts, PS mounts and GoPro mounts on the market. We offer a wide range of handlebar mounts to choose from, giving you ultimate control in customizing your motorcycle mount and completing the device holder for your specific phone, GPS, action camera and more. Find mounts by device, components or by product line including widely popular RAM® X-Grip® phone mount and RAM® Quick-Grip™ phone mounts. Explore the full line of RAM® motorcycle mounts below.
No commute by bike is complete without RAM® Mounts. With a variety of solutions for mounting your phone or action camera to the handlebars of your bicycle, you’ll never go without GPS directions or recording the dangers of the road again. Explore the full line of RAM® road bike mounts below.

If you’re hitting the road in your RV or motorhome, RAM® Mounts helps make life a little easier for the entire family with mounting solutions for phones, tablets, GPS devices, and much more. Keep your devices secure and accessible in the cockpit, and throughout the rest of your beloved home on wheels. Explore the full line of RAM® RV and motorhome mounts below.


Now Available: New iPhone and iPad Pro RAM® Form-Fit Cradles

We’re excited to announce that RAM® form-fit cradles are now available for the iPhone X, XS, XS Max, and XR, as well as the latest versions of the iPad Pro. With these form-fit cradles, simply roll the top clip over your iPhone or iPad to secure your device while keeping all buttons, cameras, and charging ports exposed and accessible.

Texas Hands-Free Law: Where to Mount Your Phone in Your Car

If you’re a Texan, then you probably already know that your state has joined most other states in essentially banning texting while driving. There are exceptions you should be aware of for both texting and hands-free calling. And, of course, having a proper phone mount is still crucial for keeping your device secure and accessible for GPS

10 RAM® Mounts You Probably Didn’t Know About

With more than 5,000 interchangeable ball and socket components, there are several RAM Mounts that are lesser-known – but that doesn’t mean they don’t belong. These 10 hidden gems still have plenty of use in the right situation.