RAM® Pin-Lock™ Drill-Down Locking Mount for Garmin fleet 660/670


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The RAM-B-138-GA66LU consists of a double socket arm, Pin-Lock security knob/key knob, 2.5″ diameter round base with the universal AMPS hole pattern, diamond adapter base and custom high strength composite locking case for the Garmin fleet 660/670. The locking case features the ability to secure your Garmin fleet 660/670 in place adding much needed protection and enables full access to the screen, power plug, and memory card slot. The case consists of a front and back cover that can be secured together using standard pop rivets or security screws. The locking case also features a unique cable retention system that prevents accidental unplugging of the USB cable. Paired with a RAM Pin-Lock security knob/key knob, this solution is the ideal accessory for deterring theft or accidental removal of the mounted GPS device.

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